[🛸Hann na Hotel Seoul Myeong-dong🛸]

Today We would like to introduce you to ✨Christmas decorations at Myeong-dong department store✨.

Currently, the department store located in Myeong-dong is beautifully decorated to commemorate Christmas🎅.

There is SHINSEGAE department store about 10 minutes walk from Henn na Hotel.

There is a lighting show (animation) in front of the building.

There is also a LOTTE department store 5 minutes away from the SHINSEGAE department store, which is cutely decorated.

How about seeing a different kind of Christmas nearby?


🎄Myeongdong SHINSEGAE Department Store

Date – 2023/11/9 (Thursday) ~ 2024/1/31 (Wednesday)

Time – 17:30-22:00 (subject to change during Christmas period)


☃️Myeongdong LOTTE Department Store

Date – 2023/11/3 (Fri)~2024/end of January (subject to change)

Time – 17:30-22:30