Myeongdong is the center of shopping where culture and art and all kinds of brands are concentrated, and there are things to see and things to eat galore making it one of Korea’s most prominent tourist attractions.

Myeongdong is, above all things, a shopping heaven. Along a street about 1km long are a cluster of various large shopping centers including Noon Square, Lotte Department Store, Shinsegae Department Store, and famous store brands from both Korea and abroad, attracting both fashion-savvy youngsters and middle-aged shoppers alike.

Foreign tourists need not to fear, either. The merchants on Myeongdong Street not only speak English, but Chinese and Japanese as well. Hence you will hear the sound of various foreign languages flowing ceaselessly from cosmetic stores and clothing shops.

With the influence of “K-beauty fever,” Myeongdong Street is packed with various cosmetic road shops. It offers a variety of language services, and it has established itself as a globally-acknowledged Mecca of cosmetic shopping—so much so that now, more and more tourists are coming to Korea simply to shop for cosmetics.


The Namdaemun Market is a place full of life for 24 hours for 365 days, attracting an average of 0.4 million visitors a day. The Namdaemun Market is a place full of life for 24 hours for 365 days, attracting an average of 0.4 million visitors a day.

Not so far from where the market is located, you can find important places in Seoul, such as Shinsegae Department Store and Bank of Korea, as well as famous tourist attractions like Jeongdong-gil, Myeong-dong, Namsan Tower, and Namsan Hanok Village. That is why many foreigners visit the Namdaemun Market.

About 10,000 stores of the Namdaemun Market around the Sungnyemun Gate attract many tourists every day. There are even some expressions like “If you cannot find something in the Namdaemun Market, you will never be able to find it in Seoul” and “The Namdaemun Market has everything but the (imaginary) cat horn.”

In the Namdaemun Market, you can find more than 1,700 items for your day-to-day life encompassing clothes for men, women, and children, accessories, kitchenware, folkcrafts, food, miscellaneous goods, and agricultural and fishery products.

The Namdaemun Market also works both as a wholesaler and as a retailer that offers products at reasonable prices to the retailers and the customers across the country.

It is a famous place often visited not only by Korean merchants but also by the international traders from China, Japan, and Southeast Asia to Europe, USA, and the Middle East, essentially from all around the world.

There are a number of must-visit restaurants in the Namdaemun Market.

It is highly recommended to try unique local food from some of the most famous street vendors and restaurants in the Namdaemun Market such as specialized in oxtail soup; the Stewed Belt Fish Alley; the Noodle Soup Alley; the street vendor known for vegetable-filled griddle cakes; and specialized in North Korean-style cold buckwheat noodles.


The N SEOUL TOWER, a complex culture space in Seoul, is where the clouds seem to meet with Namsan Mountain. It shows visitors the harmony of Namsan’s nature, the 21st century state of the art, resting with leisure, and various cultures.

The N SEOUL TOWER, which is a symbol of Seoul now, was established at the highest point to glance at the most beautiful images of Seoul. It is also Korea’s first general radio wave tower from 1969, delivering TV and radio broadcasting in the metropolitan area.

Not only does the N SEOUL TOWER have transmission antennas of KBS, MBC, SBS TV and FM but PBC, TBS, CBS, BBS FM transmission antennas are also installed. 48% of the national audio population watches broadcasting through this transmission tower.

Since the N SEOUL TOWER was opened to the general public in 1980, it has become a resting place for the citizens of Seoul as well as a touristic attraction for foreigners with the living nature of Namsan.

With the latest LED technology lighting which constantly changes colors and patterns, it has become a ‘light art’ providing various media art together with an unusual cultural art experience.


Cheonggyecheon has been loved by many Seoul citizens since its debut in the fall of 2005
It became an “Oasis of the City.”

The Cheonggyecheon Stream has put Seoul in the global spotlight as a human-centered environmental city.
Various sculptures and performances are held around Cheonggye Square, where various events and performances are held 365 days a year
It is an indispensable tourist course for foreign tourists who connect nearby tourist destinations.

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